Charla sobre Cortázar en el ICA

El jueves 24 de abril de 2014, a las 19 h, haré una breve presentación de la obra de Julio Cortázar en la biblioteca del Instituto Cervantes de Atenas. Luego, los alumnos y el público interesado leerán partes de Rayuela y de los cuentos. La entrada es libre y gratuita.

On immortality

Is there an afterlife? Platonism and Christianity on the immortality of the soul

The question whether we continue to exist after death has worried human beings since the dawn of time. Interestingly, each culture has formulated a different answer. For example, in some civilizations the issue of afterlife became crucial. It was supposed that future life was more important than this life and, consequently, that one should live in such a way as to deserve immortality. On the contrary, in other societies the question of ‘what comes next’ was rather secondary. Present life was considered to be something valuable in its own right – no matter what followed death.

Notice that in all those cases the beliefs were articulated in religious systems. But philosophy’s task