Paseo y charla: la mujer en la Antigüedad griega

Bajo el título de "La mujer en la Antigüedad Griega" Manuel y Marcos nos invitan a un nuevo paseo filosófico, esta vez por Anafiótica, barrio situado a los pies de la Acrópolis.
   Manuel nos hablará de las actividades de las mujeres tanto en la vida privada como de su participación en los actos públicos.
   Después, Marcos nos hablará de la mujer en el pensamiento griego ¿hubo mujeres que se destacaron en la filosofía y la ciencia? ¿Cuál era la visión de lo femenino en la visión del mundo de los griegos?

Postmodernism on Interpretation

Athens-based philosopher Marcos Breuer invites us to discover some of the key philosophical dimensions underlying the work of art

What is the meaning of a work of art?


According to a traditional view, a work of art carries a given “meaning” inside it. If the work is satisfactory and the public is sufficiently informed, then the meaning will “flow” to the recipient and be thus apprehended by the listener or observer. There is consequently one correct interpretation of the work of art. However, with the emergence of postmodern thought, that view has been broadly criticized. Postmodernism does not only imply a criticism to the traditional categories of “creator”, “work of art” and “public”, it also encourages the research on interpretation as a complex cognitive process of perceiving and deciphering the aesthetic object. But what is exactly the postmodern approach to interpretation, and which are the differences between that and classical theories? How do we come to interpret symbols? And which are the criteria to distinguish a good from a bad interpretation?

At our coming meeting at Fo Kia Nou 24/7, the philosopher Marcos Breuer will address these issues, sketching out some of the answers proposed by major scholars of postmodernism like Umberto Eco. On the occasion of the exhibition “Nearer to Closer” by Dean Manning and Kiveli Zachariou, the participants will have the opportunity to dialog and reflect on meaning and interpretation, some of the most fascinating topics of philosophy of art.

Philosophy Meets Art, Lecture/Discussion

FoKiaNou24/7 Contemporary Art Space, Fokianou 24, 7th floor, Pagrati, Athens

Friday, 7 April 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Paseo y charla: la Academia de Platón

Este domingo 26 de marzo visitaremos la Academia de Platón. La caminata comenzará a las 11 h. El arqueólogo Manuel Arjona nos hablará del yacimiento y luego yo haré una introducción a Platón y su filosofía.
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Philosophy meets art: event at Fo Kia Nou

Athens-based philosopher Marcos Breuer invites us to discover the philosophical dimensions underlying the work of art.

The arts have always been relevant for philosophers; indeed, there is a branch of philosophy entirely devoted to artistic phenomena: aesthetics or philosophy of art. Likewise, the various philosophical ideas and systems have been of interest to artists. In fact, many of them have understood their works as an exploration of the aesthetic dimensions of a given philosophical theory, to paraphrase J. L. Borges. Nevertheless, the relationship between philosophy and art is far from being idyllic. Plato, for example, wanted to expel the artists from his republic because they (supposedly) deceive and mislead us; in turn, many Romantics saw in rational thinking a threat to aesthetic creation.
But in any case philosophy and art offer us two different and complementary ways of approaching the many aspects of the world, both the natural and the social world. We relate to things through philosophical analysis and through aesthetic experience.
As a special event at Fo Kia Nou 24/7, the philosopher Marcos Breuer will discuss the specific features of a philosophical and of an artistic approach. On the occasion of the exhibition “A Picture of Us” by Sarah Ettlinger and Loula Levedi, he will focus on the body as a major subject of reflection by philosophers and artists alike.