Emotions and Arts

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, at 7.30 p.m.

According to the Western tradition, the essential aspect of human beings is rationality – not their capacity to feel deep, intense or complex emotions. Nevertheless, in the last decades philosophy has begun to study the emotions and the role they play in the constitution of our moral and aesthetic judgments. As a consequence, the old rationalistic paradigm has lost its centrality, allowing the development of new conceptions based on our emotional activity. But what are emotions? And which functions do they have in the production of a work of art – and in its perception?
At our next meeting we will discuss some of the central issues of philosophy of emotions. I look forward to welcoming you there!

Theatre Dionysos & Apollon
3 Markou Mousourou St
11636, Mets, Athens
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From Tragedy to Zarathustrian Laughter: Nietzsche on Art

With John Bicknell's exhibition as a backdrop, Athens-based philosopher Marcos Breuer invites you to discover key philosophical dimensions underlying the work of art.

In his first book, The Birth of Tragedy, Nietzsche advocates the return to a “tragic culture”, following his reflections on the ancient cult of Dionysos, the origin of Greek tragedy, and the later evolution of Western societies up to the 19th century. Some years later, however, Nietzsche starts developing a new point of view: the revitalization of Western culture can only take place through the emergence of a new kind of human being, able to playfully and freely create the goals and values that will govern his or her existence. Thus, from a pessimistic world view Nietzsche ends up adopting an affirmative philosophy. As a consequence, the boundaries between artistic creation and authentic living tend to blur.

At our coming meeting at FoKiaNou 24/7, the philosopher Marcos Breuer will present Nietzsche's aesthetics and discuss its relevance to the contemporary artistic field.


Borges and Greek Philosophy

This is the poster of the coming conference "Latin American Approaches to Hellenism."

My talk on Borges and Greek philosophy will be on Friday, May 19.

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